Winding Down


When I started this blog I thought I could at least contribute something on a weekly basis.  How wrong I was.  The summer arrived and with so many chores around the property this had to go on the back burner.   As of yesterday the garden is a memory.  I pulled everything except the carrots and rutabagas and will probably amend the soil and till it this coming weekend.  I was sad to see this garden go this year.  Some years are not as successful or beautiful.  This garden, for the most part, was a great one.  It was photographed often.  It yielded more produce than I even cared to preserve.  It was a place for the wildlife to leave clues to their existence but left me wondering weekly what had transpired in that patch while I was away or asleep.  Now I’m starting the plan for next spring – what to plant, where to plant it, how to lay it out so it will call me to photograph it once again.

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