What a Difference a Week Makes

Last weekend Bill went out and started cutting

down some trees. Figured we’d get a little jump on


He had put the Christmas tree in the snow bank so we

could look at it through the winter.

The dogs were having a great time because we haven’t

really had any snow in Enfield at all this year.
This weekend we went to a party for Bill’s sister then went up

to the house to stay overnight. We’d heard there was

snow but . . .

We were just glad the door open into the shed. There was

about 8 inches on the ground where it had been plowed.

Sunday morning the clean up began. Tom came and plowed one
more time but with really no where to put it.

The snow was extremely heavy and wet. And I thought we

were going to make it through the winter without snow

in front of the windows!

It made me laugh every time I went outside or looked

out a window.

Even with the Bobcat it was difficult to move ( and it was all

ice underneath the snow).

Our tree was half buried but at least now it stands up.

All I kept thinking was this was the perfect snow to

make a fort or dig a little shelter. My sister, brother

and I LIVED for this snow. We’d be outdoors until

frostbite set in.

As we were ready to leave Bill told me to come out to see the

sky. This is facing east at about 5:15 pm. It was a spectacular

ending to a really wonderful day.

Bill’s sister refers to her driveway as the luge run because

the banks are so high and the driveway so narrow. She said

most people couldn’t understand what she was talking about

when she said she couldn’t get out. If you drove 5 miles down

the road they had half as much snow.

Now I’ve had my winter fix I’m hoping it melts fast so gardening

season begins. It can’t get here soon enough!

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