Images of Christmas Past

I wasn’t able to blog for a while so I will catch you up a
little. Here’s Bill and Cait decorating our Heath tree.
Lights are on, star on the top. Meanwhile I was in a panic about
how on earth I was going to make the house ready for company.

The fireplace was FINALLY finished. Thanks Russ. The
photographs don’t do it justice.

Vintage ornaments on the tree. They are as old as I am (except Santa
who must be pushing 150). Does that make me vintage too?

Bill stoking the fire. It has been VERY cold in Rowe.
On Christmas Eve the room was lit only with candles and
the fireplace. (Our wall sconces weren’t up yet so I used
tin candle sconces from OSV – the lanterns are from there
as well). Looked awesome.

All in all we did a pretty good job on this project. Our
goal was Christmas 2009 in this room and we pulled
it off. I have to say that a huge part of it was total theatre
but I don’t think anyone noticed.

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