Weekend of March 27

Haven’t had the time to blog so I will catch up a little.
Bill’s inspecting some of the work the beavers have done
on a nearby damn. He thinks he may just wait
for them to clear off the parcel he’s been eyeing. We’ll
just drag the trees out debarked ready to cut and split.
Russell called early on Saturday morning – since he didn’t
sugar this year he needed to spend a day playing with Bill.
He drove his tractor over so we could use the winch to
haul some trees up the bank.

Bill uses a cant hook to try and get the logs over some rocks.

Bill using the winch to keep tension on a huge ash while
Russ cuts it down.

I think Russell just came over with his tractor to make
Bill want one even more.

Limbing up the trees, ready for burning.

Both in their safety gear.

Bill’s new splitter. A little higher and able to split those
bigger logs standing up.
We burned all of the brush we had on Sunday with the help
of Manda and Yusuf.
Easter weekend we actually did nothing but eat. A weekend of

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