New Post, No Pics

This is a first – no photos. I took pics of our Christmas tree going up on Sunday but that’s it. The room is not completely finished but I just wanted to thank everyone who has had a hand in this. In May of 2008 we gutted a huge room in Rowe and set a deadline of Christmas Eve dinner for the family in 2009. Bill over saw and did most of the work with LOTS of help from Paul, Mike and Russell. Paul did the dirtiest jobs, Mike is always there when you need him with a final push with his painting expertise (not to mention all the wood he cut and split this year). Russell is always there for a consultation but he designed, built and installed our panels over the fireplace. He brought new strap hinges for one of the doors on Saturday. Russ, you made me sweat a little with the time line but last weekends unveiling brought tears to my eyes. It is perfect. There are others – Manda, Yusuf and Cait. It’s nice to know that your kids aren’t afraid to get dirty. Then there are the revelers who are doing their best to cast out the bad spirits that’s been in that house since I moved there in 1967. We are going to drive them away with our laughter and love for one another (and the dancing will be part of it as well). It makes me feel so good to know that there were so many hands in this project and all of them were part of our community in Franklin County – the rest of our country needs to go back to that – have friends and neighbors that do for each other. It’s a precious gift. Next week there will be plenty of photos of the festivities. Happy Holidays to all!

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