This Old House When It Was Newer

The woman whose family lived in this house from the time it was built
(about 1790) until 1942 passed away a couple of years ago in New Hampshire.
Two photo albums just made their way to the Historical Society by way
of someone who found them in the trash.
There was a small note in one of the albums to get them back to Rowe.
I’m glad someone took the time to actually look at the books and
helped them find their way home as opposed to some landfill.

These were taken in the late 1800’s.  Apparently they played a 
lot of croquet because many of the photographs show the wickets
in the side yard.  Funny, we played croquet there when I was a kid.

These two photographs were taken a little earlier than the one above.
The windows are different on the house.  Would be nice to have those trees in
the front yard again.

This photograph came as more of a shock to us than the rest of them.
It is taken from the back field that Bill has been working so hard at restoring.
I tried to tell him that it was a lot different now than it was when 
I was growing up and had the little farm that we had.  It’s amazing what animals
will keep clear – but it never looked like this.  We tried to locate the 
spot from which this may have been taken but it’s soo grown up that
you can’t even see the buildings.  Maybe someday.

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