Painting, Cleaning and Critters

It was pretty rainy last weekend so we decided to
put some paint on the walls to see if red was really 
the way we wanted to go.  (Paul’s wanted to do this
for weeks).

Bill did the cutting and Paul the rolling.
We only did one wall and decided to get the paint for
the rest.  With all the woodwork in the room it should
look great.

Later Bill called me out to see the porcupine eating the apples from 
the tree by the mill.  I brought a long lense but you could walk
right up to him while he was eating.  Must have been just too
yummy to care.

Even though the weather was still wet on Sunday the boys
decided to begin a cleanup detail.  Bill’s doing one of his favorite 
things here.

Bill hauled away all of the wood that was too rotten to use while Paul
cut and split a maple that was taken down a couple of years ago.
Needless to say – he worked way harder than I think he anticipated
earlier in the day and slept in the truck on the way home. (Again).

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