And the Paint Goes On

The decision was made to use the holiday weekend to
finally get some paint on the house.  The weather will be
getting cold up here soon so a little protection was in order.

Mike came over two days out of the weekend to give
Bill and Paul help and moral support (as well as all of them
drinking a few beers).

With the primer on either side of the center it was really apparent
how bad the center looked so they decided to put the scaffolding 
up just in case the weather holds for another couple of weekends.

Cait helped with this until she got a face full of dirt (from the inside of one of 
the pipes).  We’re very excited about how good at least one side looks.

Paul did remind us that there are 7 more sides to go – I chose
ignore that comment and just gaze strait at the front of the house.

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