Chimney and Fireplace

Last weekend Paul patched the hole in the chimney 
where the stove pipe had once been.

We used the mortar that Mike had used in his
glass furnace – now it’s good to about 3000 degrees.

Bill and I had a long discussion (argument) about how to use a beehive
oven.  We couldn’t find the flu but I knew you had to build a fire
right in the oven to heat it up.
I pulled out a piece of tin in the front of the arched door and found the flu.
There was probably 80 years worth of dirt, soot, leaves and I’m assuming
decomposed critters in the flu.  It fill almost an entire trash barrel but was all
worth it (even though cleaning it out was kind of disgusting).

Saturday afternoon I built the first fire I’d seen in this fireplace since sometime
in the 1970’s – Bill had never seen it lit before.  We were impressed with how
much heat this one throws.  Good thing, the room is huge.

The goofy frogs on the mantel are something I made for the garden a
couple of weeks ago – figured they can wait until next spring.

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