Weaving Wednesday – Huck Warp

140304 HuckWow, what seems like months was finally finished last night.  Between illness, snowstorms and other cancellations I haven’t been able to work on this at all.  Finished the warp last night and am proud to say only one little threading mistake.  I fixed that and will be throwing a shuttle next week, finally.

Tonight I’ll be reading up on what exactly I’m doing, try to understand the structure.  Hopefully that will free me up to just enjoy the weaving next week.


4 thoughts on “Weaving Wednesday – Huck Warp

  1. Please share the details when you work out the structure. I just got that book of patterns for 4 shaft looms, the one we all seem to have. Apart from loving all the rich content, I feel the groupings like huck or monks belt have somewhat arbitrary lines drawn around them in terms of classification. Could be that I’m still getting my head around it and it will make more sense when I have more wisdom.Either way I’d love to learn from your experience.

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