Despite The Freezing Temps Spring Really Is Here

140303 CliviaI always know when spring is here – the Clivia blooms.  I would recommend this plant to anyone who truly believes they cannot grow anything – this plant thrives on total neglect.  Before writing this post I did a little research and read all about how to get your Clivia to blossom.  Cold temperature, no water, timing – yeah, I do none of that except forget to water it for most of the winter.  That and never, ever repot the thing.  This is the lazy man’s ultimate plant.

It sits on a table on the north side of the house.  I still think it blossoms when the days get longer, that’s all it’s waiting for.  It’s been in hibernation for the winter, like me, that’s probably why it’s not watered during that period.  It’s always the middle of February that I start to notice the days are getting longer and I give it a drink figuring it will notice too.  Like clockwork those orange blossoms open up the beginning of March – it knows.  That’s the beauty of having houseplants, they tell you spring is coming well before you think it is.  You see that new growth where there has been nothing for months.  The plants begin to demand your attention, they are telling you the seasons are changing.

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