First Blizzard of the Year

140103 Snow EnfieldLast night on my way to bed I decided to take this photograph while looking out the back window upstairs.  I had taken the dogs out earlier and couldn’t believe how light it was outdoors.  Sophie didn’t need the light on her collar because it was almost as bright as late afternoon.

The light pollution in Enfield is ridiculous, especially in the winter when it snows.  Years ago Caitlyn had to do a project watching a constellation for a period of time for a science class.  In our back yard on the clearest night the only thing you can really see is Venus (and the moon).  Last week in Rowe we were commenting on how amazing the night sky is.  There you can see everything including the Milky Way which is fantastic in itself.

Although I like being able to see where Sophie goes at night I would much rather walk out my back door and be able to see the stars.

2 thoughts on “First Blizzard of the Year

  1. On of the biggest differences between living in Jamestown, ND and Herreid, SD is the stars. There are always stars in Herreid as the light is minimal unless the moon is full. In Jamestown there are two large dams of water and the water vapor catches the light at night. I think we will be getting a blizzard tonight. Stay warm and a Blessed New Year to you and yours.

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