First Blizzard of the Year

140103 Snow EnfieldLast night on my way to bed I decided to take this photograph while looking out the back window upstairs.  I had taken the dogs out earlier and couldn’t believe how light it was outdoors.  Sophie didn’t need the light on her collar because it was almost as bright as late afternoon.

The light pollution in Enfield is ridiculous, especially in the winter when it snows.  Years ago Caitlyn had to do a project watching a constellation for a period of time for a science class.  In our back yard on the clearest night the only thing you can really see is Venus (and the moon).  Last week in Rowe we were commenting on how amazing the night sky is.  There you can see everything including the Milky Way which is fantastic in itself.

Although I like being able to see where Sophie goes at night I would much rather walk out my back door and be able to see the stars.

It’s Here

Adirondacks in the snowSnow on Sunday.  Snowing again today.  Nothing has really accumulated but it’s here.  It’s been quite cold the past week or so, cold enough to break out the winter coat.

This time of year is the most difficult for me in a lot of ways.  The days are so much shorter.  The house is cold a lot of the time. I know this is one long, long slog until spring.  We are talking 5 months minimum on the hill.  Yes, we will have a few of those January thaw days and it will warm up in April so we think we can actually do something outside in the garden but . . . never, ever plant anything before Memorial Day.

So what are the advantages of a long, dark winter?  For me it gives me time to work on many different projects.  I have a lot of handwork that sits idle whenever the weather is good enough for me to be outdoors.  It’s a time for woodfires in both stoves and fireplaces.  I love hearth cooking and that is really only fun when it’s really cold out.  If I sit and watch a movie on TV that’s okay – I’m not frittering away a day when there is too much else to be done.  Did I mention weaving?  Weaving, weaving, weaving, nothing more to be said about that.

I love the beauty of the snow on the trees and ground, how bright it is with the moon shining.  I love the sound of the snow under your feet on those cold, quiet nights with a million stars visible from the driveway.  I love snoeshowing the property lines, it gives me a wider perspective of the land (and I can walk on all those wet, swampy spots that I can’t cross any other time of the year).  There is bird song of a whole different kind.

So it’s now time to ease into a slower pace, enjoy family and friends and work on things left since last winter.  This is what the dogs live for.

Sophie in the Snow (1)