Oh the Joys of an Old Home

Yellow Rose

There is no photograph of what is going on here right now that anyone would want to see.

Last week I noticed that the drains were making a glugging sound every time someone took a shower or a load of laundry was being done.  Last night when we arrived in Rowe after our 5 1/2 hour drive we found that the toilets weren’t flushing.  Hmmmmmm, I knew that we had had a lot of rain lately but I couldn’t believe the water table would be high enough to fill the septic tank.

This morning we conducted a series of experiments to see if we could pinpoint what was going on and figured out that we must have some sort of clogged pipe in the sewer system from the house out to the tank – not good.  We consider ourselves do it yourselfers but we have limits and the septic is where we draw the line.

We called our friendly plumbers at Ward Plumbing and Heating in Buckland and Dale was here before 1:00.  That’s service – it took him a couple of hours to get here and he’s half an hour away.  Somehow I think if I was a plumber and was called with this kind of problem I would leave it until the end of the day.

They cleared what was a clogged pipe of god knows what (I personally don’t want to know) and the water is running through beautifully.  They are cleaning up as I write.

If this had happened in Enfield it would probably be a couple of days to get someone to the house but there we have city sewer.  When you live in a rural area your septic system is a constant worry.  The expense of repairing or replacing it would do us in.  The good news is the septic is fine and we can breathe a sigh of relief in knowing that.

One thought on “Oh the Joys of an Old Home

  1. Last time I had a plumber here (to check out a leaky dishwasher) he said there was black slime clogging up the pipe to the septic tank. He said he had never seen anything like it. I had mentioned that I was a wool dyer, so he figured out it was wool ‘fluff’ from so many years of draining the yarn into the sink.
    Glad to hear your septic tank is a-ok!

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