Another Photobomb

130519 Photobomb 2Chester spent the entire time getting into my photographs on Sunday – I kid you not.  It was raining and he was just thrilled that someone was outside to follow around.  This is one of the side gardens at the house.  In the background is the stump of a large pine tree that came down a few years ago.  Changed the whole makeup of that garden, what was once completely shaded came into the sun.  Right now it’s full of weeds.  That’s on the list for this week, fortunately it’s fairly well established and I can get it done in a couple of hours.  I’m thinking this may be a good spot for the gas plant.

I had to leave Chester at work yesterday with Bill.  On the way home I thought “I hope he remembers he’s there”.  Sure enough Bill drove in the yard and walked into the house without Chester.  He’d turned off the lights and locked up the shop with Chester sleeping in his crate.  Bill turned around and went back to get him, he said he was calm and cool, like nothing had happened.  Guess we’ve turned a corner on the separation anxiety thing.


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