Weaving Wednesday 5

130414 Loom
This past weekend I finished putting the warp on the loom in Rowe and began to weave.  I love having it there so I can just weave any time I want.  I’d like to make short work of these towels (the same ones I had made in class). They are beautiful when they are finished but they are seriously boring to weave.  That’s the craft ADD talking.   I’m currently warping a 36″ loom for class with 2/8 Jaggerspun Maine Line wool yarn.  This is my first venture into wool weaving.  It will be an overshot throw in a Maltese Cross pattern.  I’m looking for some really nice colored wool for the weft, it needs to be a heavy worsted.  I love, love, love the feel of wool so winding this warp has been a pleasure.  Next week it goes onto the loom.  My thought is to finish the towels then warp the Rowe loom the same way and make throws for  Christmas presents.

130414 Summer & Winter FinishedThis is the Summer and Winter runner hemmed and washed.  The wool fulled beautifully and it was so soft once it dried.  Brought it down to sister Sue.  Maybe I can get her into weaving one of these days!

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