Weaving Wednesday 2

130305 Weaving


Last night I finished weaving my X’s and O’s after fixing a threading issue that was messing up the X’s.  With my OCD with perfection it HAD to be done!  I moved on to using 3 shuttles to do columns, two with complimentary colors and the cotton tabby.  It was a little confusing at first but once I got into a rhythm of what to do with the shuttles that weren’t being thrown it was fine.  I had some issues with my selvages but I think it was because I was concentrating on the pattern.  Too much was going on at the same time!

Not shown was a mistake I made that turned into the most wonderful tweed like pattern.  I only did it for about an inch when we realized I was reading the draft totally wrong.  Now I think I want to weave something with that mistake alone.

I finished the class with Atwater Bronson lace.  It’s very easy to treadle BUT I beat everything to death so the lace part didn’t actually show very well.  I’ll have to work on loosening up.  Pam said I won’t be weaving gauze any time soon.  Ha!

4 thoughts on “Weaving Wednesday 2

    • I have to admit they take up a lot of space (and they aren’t cheap either). I came into this by accident – and old friend offered a loom at a good price and I just said yest. I thought about where to put it later. It’s moved from room to room and will be moved again before too long. But honestly, weaving is the most amazing thing I have ever learned to do.

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