Post Nemo

130210 Snowshoe (1)


It’s been 4 days since winter storm Nemo swept through the northeast.  When we left Rowe on Sunday the roads to 91S were clear.  Cleared in way that allowed all traffic to flow unimpeded. Where there were turning lanes the road was clear.  The snowbanks were plowed back so the roads were as wide as ever.  Not so in CT.  All four lane roads have been reduced to two.  The snow banks are so high (and in the middle of the road) that you have to be in oncoming traffic to see oncoming traffic.  You take your life in your hands every time you get into a car.

The weather has been warmer and the snow level has gone down considerably since last weekend.  We’ve had ice and rain during the week which in reality has caused all kinds of other problems. None of the storm drains are plowed so there is significant flooding when it rains or melts.  I think the state and the town are just keeping their fingers crossed that we don’t have anymore snow, there is nowhere to put it at this point.  The snowbanks that are here now will be here until April.

It’s funny how much I love the snow when we are in Rowe and how much I hate it in CT.  I think it’s because everyone up north knows how to deal with snow, how to drive in it, how to prepare for that next snowstorm.  Bill and I laugh about how it snows almost every day in Rowe during the winter.  In CT no one puts snow tires on their cars, all rules of the road are suspended once it starts snowing.  People run stop signs, stop lights, refuse to use turn signals, pedestrians walk in the already narrow roads taking their lives in their hands.  It’s kind of scary.  Everyone acts as if snow in winter is an anomaly when the reality is that no snow is the real anomaly.

This is when I start wishing for Spring.  I keep telling myself it is February and we will be sugaring in just a few weeks.  Nothing says spring like boiling sap.

2 thoughts on “Post Nemo

  1. I know exact;y what you mean about the rules going out the window when it starts snowing. I grew up in Scandinavia so I know all about snow, however, here in the UK people seem to treat it as some sort of a National State of Emergency (and I’m not talking about Nemo here, I’m taking abuit a few snowflakes). Waiting for spring… you and me both!

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