There’s Nothing Like Homemade.

Cheese – Farmhouse cheddar.  It’s not a true cheddar because
the process is a little easier and doesn’t age as long.
I cut it open on Saturday because the suspense was
killing me.
It was a very creamy textured cheese with a little tang to it
reminiscent of goat cheese but not quite as strong a flavor.
I would make it again.  I did expect it to be a drier cheese
than it was.

 Yes, and it’s sugar season.  The weather hasn’t been so
cooperative and we got off to a rocky start but have made
some really good syrup this year.
Bill at his usual job.
 Ahhhh, I can just smell that maple deliciousness (is that a word?)
I love the way the rig takes on a life of it’s own when you’re
boiling.  It seems to huff and puff.
Just smell the aroma – now for a nice cup of warm syrup.

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