The Groundhog Was Wrong

I pulled out my latest shipment of seeds and dreamed of spring
to a backdrop of feet of snow.
I can’t see the garden from the window I normally watch it grow.
The living room is much darker this week.

This is why. I’m looking toward the kitchen window. Now this
happens every year to some extent, some years are worse than

This just looks rediculous to me. The little black things are
tiki lights – just waiting for summer.

It’s also a good thing that all of the wood we need for
this winter is already in the shed.

Bill had made an effort to keep up with it all with the tractor,
each week pushing back the banks to make room for more.

Yet, with all of the snow we continue to have here in Rowe I
have to say that I almost enjoy it. It’s beautiful, clean and white
right now. I love the sound it makes under your feet.
But since it’s been four weeks since the groundhog pronounced 6 more
weeks of winter, he was either wrong, lied or is much, much
farther south.

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