Another Fun Filled Weekend

Paul’s back, broken leg and all. The guys were relaxing after
a day of mowing the lawn.

Then it was off to the Shelburne Falls Bowling Alley for
Semanie bowling.

Last time until September.

A lot was done around the property over the weekend but
Paul was not as able as willing.
Bill strapped Paul and his walker in the garden wagon
and gave him a tour.

He used a rachet strap to tie down both Paul and his chair –
for safety’s sake.

He used two tie downs for the walker. Hmmmm.

View of the perennial garden.
I’ve found stacking rocks to be mildly addictive.

I spent Sunday digging out the wall around the patio
and the beds.

Saturday morning I cut all the brush overhanging the driveway,
then weed wacked it on Sunday. Looks good.

The lilac was hurt bad this past winter with the ice. We cut
most of it down this weekend. It’ll be fine, I can remember
cutting it to the ground on 5 or 6 other occassions.

The jack-in-a-pulpits survived their upheaval last fall and
I was thrilled to find 2 volunteers on the north end of the shed.

Another shot of the driveway cleanup.

Another angle of the perennial garden.

Close-up of the iris. This iris is one of my favorites.

The Adirondacks overlooking the back forty. This is the afternoon
cocktail spot.

One of our favorite views right now. Last year it was nothing
but trees. Veggie garden in the foreground.

Sophie zooming through the yard. She loves it here.

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