Weekend of Work

We worked our butts off this past weekend.  Bill worked on splitting
some of the wood cut along the bank.  Much discussion went into
where exactly we would be storing this wood since every
available building is full.
This was taken from the patio looking towards the back forty.
My garden, as it stands now, is to the right.  The poles
are for the Scarlet Runner Beans and Kentucky Wonders.
I mulched in between the beds to keep the weeds down.

Bill’s wood pile and my tomatoes up against the garage.  They
liked it there so much last year I made the bed larger by
moving two huge flag iris.  Bill actually moved them
with the Bobcat.  I never could have dug those up by hand.

Another view of both projects with the Adirondacks in the background.
We sit there and admire what we’ve accomplished at the end of 
the day.

Another view of the garden.  It looks smaller in the pic than it
really is.  I dug 6 beds about 3  1/2 x 12′.  Have a much better
idea of what women of 1830 were going through.  Can’t say that I
would seriously consider a return to an earlier time.

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