Critters of the Worst Kind

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A few years ago Bill and I put in a perennial garden that included a stone stairway to nowhere.  The garden was on a bank and we had huge flat stones that we placed as stairs.  It was satisfying work and we placed a bench on the top step to sit and enjoy the view of the back forty with our morning coffee.

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Yesterday I noticed this.  

A friend of mine had just posted about the problem he was having with rabbits in his garden.  I had commented on how I have a lot of animals around my garden but they never get in it.  Apparently they have enough to eat everywhere else.

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This hole is huge.  I see these woodchucks daily in the back forty grazing on the grasses and I know where numerous holes are around the property but this one was a surprise.

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Now the problem is how to get rid of the buggers.  I don’t even know how many there are.  I actually don’t mind them being on the property I just don’t want them here.

I’m open to suggestions.

6 thoughts on “Critters of the Worst Kind

  1. I’m probably not the best one to ask. I may be a tree hugger from way back but to me it is a rodent doing damage and I’d just want to eradicate it. I have a neighbor who traps them and puts them in her car and drives them around to another spot. I wouldn’t do that either. 🙂 I do wish you the very best of luck getting it or them away from your lovely bench and garden.

  2. Yikes, no fun! And sorry, no idea on what to do without an exterminator person. Or a brother with a gun, which seems like you are really not open to, and I probably would not be either. Good luck.

    • Oh we have them all here. Foxes porcupines, rabbits, deer, woodchucks, bear, beaver. Most of the time we coexist. Soon the coyotes will come back and all of the rodents will be gone.

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