Make Something Beautiful

150531 Basket Workshop (4)

A few months ago I signed up for a day long basket weaving workshop with the majority of  my weaving class.  I’ve just fallen in love with these women, all around my age and many in similar life circumstances.  What I really love is they are always willing to learn something new.

Our workshop was with Wendy Jenson in her studio in Monterey, MA.  She is an amazing weaver, her baskets are stunningly beautiful and she is a wonderful teacher.

150531 Basket Workshop (1)

I’ve woven baskets before, many years ago.  The real reason I wanted to do this was to hang out with a bunch of creatives, all learning something new.  What’s really great is weaving is weaving.  The concepts translate into all kinds of different things so I think everyone had a leg up on those who have never woven anything before.  That, and these women are game for anything.

150531 Basket Workshop (2)

There was a choice of two different basket designs, a Williamsburg or a Carry All.  I chose the latter and was surprised at how the skills learned 25 years ago come back to some extent.  Everyone did a great job on their projects and I have to think we all went home happy with what we learned and what we made.

I really think the most important thing is to make the time to create something out of raw materials.  What started out as a bundle of flat reed was transformed in a few hours to a beautiful basket.  During that time of working with your hands you also work through the troubles of the day, week or month.  In this case with friends as therapists working alongside you.  When finished it feels as though all your troubles and cares have been poured into what you’ve created.  You have a memento of time well spent.

150531 Basket Workshop (3)

6 thoughts on “Make Something Beautiful

  1. Beautiful basket! I’ve also had an opportunity to weave two baskets several years ago. I’m not sure my hands could manage the ‘work’ now. I would enjoy the company/camaraderie also, as I tend to be a recluse most days.

  2. What a wonderful way to spend the day! The basket is lovely and your words of wisdom regarding “working through the troubles of the day…” are excellent. I admire your talents and writing Jo.

  3. Looks like a fun event. Our guild has a melon basket two day workshop coming up. I wish I could join as the finished product looks terrific, as do all of your baskets in the photo.

  4. Oh how beautiful and fun. It really would be great to do something like that. I will have to keep my ears peeled for something like that in the area, but I am not holding my breath. Nice work, and I bet the visiting with others was more than half the fun.

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