Our Buddy



There are dogs and then there are dogs.  Those of you that have ever been blessed with the company of a dog understand that throughout a lifetime some of them stand out.  Their personalities are a total fit and they form an unforgettable bond.  Buddy was just such a dog.  After 14 years of making us laugh almost every single day we had to say goodbye this past Saturday.  It was difficult yet not unexpected.

Buddy was our last family dog coming to us when my daughters were in junior high and high school.  He was part of all of their circles of friends and enough of a character to remain in their memories even though they hadn’t seen him for years.  He was the athlete, the clown and the sweetest animal I have ever known.  He moved through the transition of a family of 4 to one of just 2 adults.  He remained my youngest daughter’s best friend, she was his person. He was always part of coming home.

I’m in the same camp as Jon Katz when it comes to the end of our dogs lives.  I believe Buddy’s job was finished here and it was time for him to move on to the next.  We have dogs come into our lives with just what we need at the time.  They have a job.  They are the ones that get us through particular trials and contribute to the joys we have in our lives.  When their job is done they move on.  I like to think of Buddy’s spirit moving on to another family where he can entertain kids and adults with his antics and loved for the gentle spirit that he was.

We knew it was time on Friday and our vet came to the house Saturday afternoon.  Buddy hated going to the vet more than any animal I have known and we wanted to do right by him.  He died in Cait’s lap, his favorite spot for many, many years, giving us a peaceful closure so important to saying goodbye to someone you love.  He will truly be missed.

8 thoughts on “Our Buddy

  1. Oh Jo, I am so sorry for your grief. I said good-bye to three of my loyal friends last month. The “right” thing isn’t always the “easy” thing but as pet lovers we have to know when to help them in the final and most loving way. My heart goes out to you and your family. Buddy was a very lucky little man.

  2. Reblogged this on Through The Woods and commented:
    My mom posted this today, and since i have been unable to find the words (let alone write them) for the sadness that has come with losing my best friend, i thought it would be better to reblog my mom’s post for now.
    He was the best dog i could have ever asked for. He lived a long, happy life, and was loved more than any dog ever could be. He will always be my baby. My friend Tamara said it best…”You did the right thing. You gave him an amazing life. He lived in two places with other playmates and plenty of space to run and play. And was loved so much! That’s all our pets can ask for. Just know he’s in a better place where he feels like a young pup again, pain free.” I also like to think he is somewhere with the rest of the dogs we loved…and his girlfriend, hound dog Annie (my cousins’ dog. They LOVED each other). I know he will always be with me. No matter where i go or what i do with the rest of my life, he will always occupy a large space in my heart. No future dogs will ever compare. He has left a gigantic hole in my life with his passing. I just hope someday i will see him again.

    Love you, Budders. My boy. My forever co-pilot. ❤

  3. As I lost my “Little Buddy” 2 months ago this article made me cry! Someone gave me these comforting words – Dogs doing fear death they fear pain. It really helped me to know this.
    Thinking of you.

  4. Oh so true about how special some dogs are! So sad that you lost your Buddy! I can relate to missing special dogs. I really want to believe we will be united with them in the beyond.

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