Winter Solstice and Gifting

141219 DawnThis is my favorite day of the year.  It’s the end of the seasons for me and the beginning of new.  Today is the shortest day and the end of darkness with each day becoming a few minutes longer until June.  It may not seem like minutes of daylight are increasing but I know that we are back on that swing and just knowing that makes the shorter days more tolerable.

Christmas is this week and I have 4 days to finish up all projects for the holiday.  I think I made everyone’s gift this year except one. Most gifts will be delivered today maintaining the lifelong tradition of homemade goodies for neighbors and friends.  The holiday wouldn’t be special for me if baking was taken out of the equation.  The recipes are dusted off – these cookies are only made for the holidays.  The smells and tastes bringing childhood back to me as they are molded and baked (and eaten with the numerous cups of coffee needed to pull this off).  The last things made yesterday were the dog biscuits for Chester’s friends.

The gift giving for family has been dialed back.  I’ve had to purchase some raw material but for the most part none of it remotely resembled the finished product.  I’ve given each individual a lot of thought and put the spirit of that into each piece made.  I’m hoping they feel the love because that’s was the gift is really all about, a token.

I’m fortunate to have the ability to do this.  I sometimes think that everyone is capable of making their gifts. I honestly think they should try, the gift is so much more meaningful for the gifted and the giver.  I also realize that telling my loved ones to make me something instead of buying it can put on a lot of pressure.  For those that aren’t confident in their ability to create this can be a serious burden.  I also think I say that to push them into the mindset of crafting and art.  Doing so is a gift in itself – you will never know the satisfaction of creating something with your hands until you try.

I’m putting everyone on notice now for next year.  Create your gifts, start thinking about them now.  Do a little search on the internet, you can find a tutorial for everything.  Learn a new skill, even if it’s just a new recipe. Cook a good meal, share with those you love.  For me it’s never the finished product but what went into the creation of it.  What did you learn?  How peaceful did you become while doing it (that may take time).  Put your love into the finished product and the recipient will see it – honest.





8 thoughts on “Winter Solstice and Gifting

  1. This is a long one lol and kinda sappy…
    My immediate reaction to this was, “God, i love this.” and i wanted to share it lol All of the things you talk about and memories you have of Christmas are the same ones i have, because you have always been the one that has always maked Christmas magical. Maybe it’s because you’re my mom lol But i think back to all those amazing Christmas Eve dinners and i am always in awe of you and the things you create. Whether it be meals, or place settings. or even delicious and artistic Creme Puff swans 😉 It’s just not Christmas without your baking and Martha Stewart-like abilities. I hope someday i can be even half as awesome lol
    This makes me so happy that i made my gifts this year…and tried something completely foreign and new to me. I am kinda proud of myself and i really hope you love them. And i did it because, just like you said, you pushed me to try something, even if it wasn’t extravagant. =) And i know for certain, whatever you give me will be AMAZING. It always is. =)

  2. winter solstice is also a favourite day of mine. It is actually a sunny day as well. We just had a one and one half hour power outage and so sat with candles watching the sun come up.
    I have done little gift giving this year and will do better next year. Also will dial back what I do (yeah right). I am a textile/fibre artist who mostly makes money selling hand made soap. I do put silk into some of it. I have a weaving project I should finish and will make my daughter a new flannel nightgown. I find it difficult for Christmas as it has always been too noisy.
    We have had some carolers here twice and that was very nice. Now there is more snow so they may not come again.
    Best to you of the season Tricia

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