Fantastic Mr. Fox

141027 F0x (16)

As I sat and drank my afternoon cup of coffee I looked over the garden, down into the back forty and Mr. Fox was sitting in the center of the field.

My sister lost two more of her chickens last week so I’ve been paying closer attention.  My rooster just started to crow on Saturday and I told him the whole idea was to be quiet and not announce to the wild world around him that he was there.  He didn’t listen.

The first thing I thought was I need to clean that .22 but I grabbed my camera instead.

Walking out to one of my gardens I sat on the bench facing the field and watched.  The sun was gloriously warm and Mr. Fox was just sitting, eyes shut, soaking it in.  After a few minutes he decided to try to catch himself a snack and this is one of the shots I took.

As I watched him through that long lens I thought about the idea of looking through the sight of a rifle and how I felt about that.  I understand the need and desire to protect your birds but he was so beautiful.  He appeared to be just enjoying a sunny fall day.  I’m not sure I could kill him just because he was in the back field.

I have to tell you though the gun will be cleaned and will be positioned at the ready for the day my birds begin to disappear.  It’s a fine line between an amazing wild animal and a chicken killing predator.


10 thoughts on “Fantastic Mr. Fox

  1. That’s a tough one Jo. We had a beautiful red fox in our yard years ago and she had 3 babies – – – so darling! Happily for us, we had a few cats and a German Shepard, so we were free to enjoy them. We had a huge garden and we’re happy to know she’d deal with the rabbits!

    • I’m hoping he’s happy back there. There didn’t really seem to be a huge interest in the chickens. He let me photograph him for a while then ran back into the woods. I’m still stunned by how healthy and pretty he was.

  2. Our fox eventually got mange – we think. And a neighbor may have taken care of her. She was so lovely when we first saw her – the way her tail moved as she ran through the yard was so incredible. And that red color! I get the need to take care of wildlife who eat your chickens, so I hope she keeps her distance. Thanks for the lovely photo.

  3. Great picture and thanks for sharing – Lets hope that Mr. Fox is content with mice and such and not your chickens. It’s always nice catching wildlife in pictures as some are really camera shy.

  4. I understand where you are coming from. Last fall we watched a fox couple raise a litter and they were so cute playing in the setting sun at an abandoned barn down the road. But we knew that they might be a problem and they were. We began losing chickens and then we caught him in the act and he was removed from the food chain. Those of us who love nature find ourselves in a difficult position when we have to protect the farm animals who depend on us. I hope he choses another source of food than your chickens.

  5. What a beautiful photo. It looks like something in a magazine. I too hope that the fox finds plenty of other food and stays away from the chickens. We had a den behind our house in Jamestown, and our barn cats kept disappearing. One of the neighbors finally did away with the fox.

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