Weaving Wednesday – Krokbragd

140819 Krokbragd

I started weaving camp last week.  This is a short course for the month of August on a technique of my choice (although it was really with the help of my instructor Pam that the decision was made).  We decided to do a rug technique since it is something new to me.  This will be a 24″x 36″mat done in  Krokbragd, a Norwegian rug weaving techniques known for its color and design.

I don’t know what my problem was the past week but getting this project warped has been an exercise in frustration.  It’s 4 doubled epi, so it should have been quick.  Between threading mistakes and a heck of a time sleying the reed (missed all kinds of threads, did it over TWICE) it took me about 8 hours to get to the point of throwing a shuttle.  8 hours – to wind and warp – there must be something wrong with my brain that doesn’t allow projects to happen in August.

Finally, towards the end of class yesterday I began to weave.  I’m using Harrisville Shetland yard so it doesn’t work up as fast as it would with a thicker yarn but oh, is it beautiful.  I chose Shetland because of the colors that were available to me (and I had a lot of it).  I have to say I’m very excited about the possibilities in color and pattern for this.

Another woman in my class woven a runner over the summer and brought it in last week for me to photograph.  It is stunning.


She started out with a couple of muted tones and then took off with color.  It’s so much fun to look at and so exciting to think this is something I can do that isn’t terribly complicated.

I love it when I’m learning a new structure.  The drive home from class is always filled with thoughts of how to use this new-found technique.  I’m thinking of color combinations and patterns the whole way.  I can’t wait to get back into the studio with a serious block of time devoted to weaving.  Let the magic begin.

7 thoughts on “Weaving Wednesday – Krokbragd

  1. I learned krokbragdt in the rug weaving workshop I went to at the beginning of the year and I am so excited by the possibilities. I have some rug yarn set aside for my own project but have some rag rugs to make first. Do you plan to use a stretcher/temple?

    • Initially I didn’t think I was going to use a temple but I started using one today and it did take a little of the pressure off of the selvage issue. I watched a video of woman using three shuttles and her explanation of how she manages them to make the selvage neat and that was helpful. This is a minor obsession with me. I just decided to warp my loom at home for one here even though I’d just would a warp for some cotton placemats. Chained it off and put it aside. I swear I think about it a good part of every day.

  2. Beautiful. This is my next project. But i’m not sure of something. Everything I read says the ‘treadling’ doesn’t change, but it looks as though that’s what helps create the shapes. 3 shaft or 4, I’m anxious to try it. Just don’t want to have a 4 yard warp of ‘sample’ just learning the treadling. I plan on using linen doubled for warp and I already have a load of wool for the weft.
    Would love if you could give some tips on the treadling of this. The drafts never look like the finished project, so it’s not something we can find much of visually other than the finished product. Anything you can provide would be very helpful.

    • The piece that I’m doing now is 36″ long, don’t think I’d put on a 4 yard warp for this. It is fairly simple to do. Mine is on three shafts, treadling is simple, repetitive. It’s really the use of color and understanding the structure that enables you to make the design.

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