140812 Back Forty Rain

Today is the kind of day weatherwise where time is spent (at least initially) regrouping.  We have been fortunate to have had a lot of rain over the course of the summer and most of it happened at night.  The gardens and even the potted plants needed little attention as far as moisture is concerned which left that much more time to pursue the heavy gardening that I wanted to get done.

Well, we are almost to the middle of August and there is sooo much more to do in the next week or so.  That is what is in the back of my mind but also this little voice is saying, regroup.  Tackle those indoor projects that can be done in less than an hour.  You know the ones – clean the refrigerator, wash a floor, scrub the stove.  No matter how much I don’t like these jobs they have to get done and no one else is going to do them – sigh.  Where are those elves when you need them?

This rainy, indoor day is also a blessing.  I need to get my things prepped and ready for the Heath Fair.  They need to be dropped off tomorrow night and there is still some finishing that needs to be done.  Three things are going in this year, weaving and a photograph.  The weaving needs to be pressed, the photograph framed (I printed it last night).  I’m not as confident in my blue ribbon prospects this year but it’s always fun to see your stuff on display.

Photographs are something I never, ever enter into anything.  I think they are so close to my heart that I don’t want to know that they aren’t as good as I think they are.  I guess I’m thin-skinned when it comes to opinions of how I see.  Be brave, take a step, just do it, what’s it really going to hurt?  So in it will go.

My weeks have suddenly filled with a weaving camp that I’m taking until the end of August.  Tuesday and Thursday mornings will be filled with rug weaving, a new skill. This is great for my brain because I’m a morning person, not so good for the other projects I wanted to get done by fall, choices will need to be made.

Now back to my lists. Maybe, just maybe that refrigerator will get cleaned out today . . . but there’s a warp on the board that is calling my name.

4 thoughts on “Regroup

  1. Oh I know what you mean about the house. I have been trying all summer to do some clutter control so I can clean, but voices from outside call and inside is always abandon. Next week we have workers coming from the tv/phone company coming in for an upgrade. I guess I have my extra motivation now.

      • I usually am that way, but they have to get to certain wall hook ups and I would rather move my things than have something broken. That happened to me once during a remodel, and I watch things pretty closely now.

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