Birds, Bees and Butterflies

140728 (5)

This garden was one we put in about 3 years ago (time all melds together at this point – maybe it was four years, maybe two).  It is pretty spectacular this year.  All of the plants have matured and I put in a few annuals that Bill brought up.  The best part about this garden is its attraction to hummingbirds, bees and butterflies.

140728 (4)

If you are within sight of this garden you can see it is a hub of activity.

140728 (2)

I was thrilled to see honey bees on a lot of my flowering plants this year, it’s been a while.

140728 (3)

There is always something to watch.

140728 (6)

I originally planted this for the color it would give our view of the back forty. When I sit in the Adirondack chairs and look over this garden I realize I planted the perfect wildlife garden.  There’s a hummingbird feeder that I have to fill every few days and I have seen finches in and out of it all day long.

There are also a critters that I could do without – chipmunks, red squirrels and woodchucks.  Although, truth be told, I love watching them too. They don’t really bother anything, they do dig holes all over the place.  If and when they get into the vegetable garden I might have a change of heart but for now I’ll share this beautiful space with anyone that wants to visit.



9 thoughts on “Birds, Bees and Butterflies

    • Thank you. The whole thing really is a double edged sword. It’ll look great next year, maybe the year after that, then I will have to dig it all up because it will be so overgrown. Gardening is a never ending process.

      • I love gardening. I have one bed that is over grown & I can’t wait to dig some of it up & put it in my new beds. Keep up the good work! ~amy

      • The weather has been very cooperative this year. I have a bed that I will be redoing in the next few weeks but have to prepare other places to put the plants. Having perennial beds is always about expansion. I give a lot of stuff away but never enough. And then I also swap so I end up with the same number of plants, just different one. Thanks for reading!

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