Weaving Wednesday – Huck Lace

140325 Huck (1)

This week in weaving class I continued to work on my huck towels.  I finished the requisite 33″ on the first draft discussed last week – not without an issue that was causing me no small amount of aggravation.  Occasionally my shed would not open properly and I would miss threads on a pick.  Ugh.  The worst part was when I didn’t notice it until I had woven and inch more.  Un- weaving is not something I enjoy I have to say.  I want it perfect the first time.

I had a lot of trouble getting into the groove of things with the last pattern.  I never really did and had difficulty seeing where I was in the draft as I wove.  If I lost count or my place I couldn’t figure out where I was.  This happens normally in the beginning of the project but not usually to the end.  I was very happy to see that towel finished.

This pattern is huck squares and it’s very obvious where you are at any moment in the weave.  Whew!  The shed problem seemed to correct itself and I was really moving along with this one.  I’m pleased with how even the weaving is and my edges look good so this is turning into a pretty exciting adventure.  It’s not so complicated that I can’t get into my zen mode yet looks amazing when it’s woven.  Just look at this structure, wow.

140325 Huck (2)Once the tension is taken off of the weaving the towels will pucker – each in their own way.  So it’s another project that amazes me while I’m weaving it and will thrill me once again when I take it off of the loom.  What more can you ask of any craft?

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