Weaving Wednesday and the Zen of Handwork

140318 Huck LaceI finally started to weave my huck lace towels last night.  After a frustrating start it went pretty well.  This is one of those projects that you don’t really see the results until it’s been wet finished.  I haven’t done this fine a weave until now and I have mixed feelings about it (mostly having to do with my eyesight).  I will probably be happy these are dishtowels once they are finished, the perfection of the weave pattern doesn’t matter when you are drying off your pots and pans.

I haven’t woven at all for a couple of weeks and it felt good to be back.  I have been having a tough time getting back into that Zen mode, there is too much background noise.  Things will settle out, like they always seem to do.  Maybe not settle out physically but I will be able to move through it emotionally and find that place where the meditation of handwork can bring me peace.  I often wonder how other people bring themselves back from the brink.  The act of doing something with my hands is what allows me to work through the issues of the day (week or month), even if it’s just playing solitaire with real cards or folding a few cranes.

So I will work my way out of this by weaving, or knitting, or hooking.  I will have some beautiful things when I am done but most of all I will have peace of mind.


7 thoughts on “Weaving Wednesday and the Zen of Handwork

  1. The absorption of the mind that weaving requires has helped me to deal with many issues. Being able to create something beautiful with my hands has been a reward in itself. I hope you can find this place also.

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