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There are no words . . . yet there is so much to say.

Teacher, mentor, friend . . . to so many.  We lost Paul Turnbull this afternoon at 2:00.  He was surrounded by friends and family when he passed.

Paul fundamentally changed me as a person. He taught me to see, capture it and share with others.  He showed me the importance of maintaining your friendships. He was a man who took wild risks at an age when most people are very settled. He saw exquisite beauty in common things and shared it with all of us.  He gave of himself over and over again in many different ways. He was a crazy, quirky, loving man.

Photography is something I love sharing and there was no higher praise (or more worthy criticism) than what came from him. His vision was exquisite and his printing was magnificent. Recently he had begun sharing his images on Facebook much to the collective joy of those of us who knew him.  His New England postcards were always something I looked forward to and aspired to.

I am going to miss seeing through his eyes.

I am going to miss him challenging me – in both photography and in life.

I am going to miss how much he loved us all.

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