A New Way with Cauliflower

Buffalo CauliflowerCauliflower is an amazing vegetable, it takes on the flavor of pretty much anything you cook it with.  You can cook it soft and mash like potatoes, rice it, eat it just with butter.  I read a recipe last week on Leite’s Culinaria for Buffalo Cauliflower and knew I had to make it.

There is nothing simpler than this recipe, really.  I had a large head of cauliflower so it took closer to 50 minutes to roast and probably continued to cook a little as it cooled. It was that delightful crisp tender texture when I cut it into pieces.  I used 1 cup of Frank’s RedHot Sauce and skipped the Sriracha (because that’s what I had).  I also had some blue cheese dressing so this was truly the lazy man’s way.

Instead of wings on Superbowl Sunday I had cauliflower and didn’t miss the chicken at all.


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