A Finch Obsession

131228 Finches (1)Okay, this has become a bit of an obsession.  Honestly, who can blame me?  Look at how beautiful the light is shining through their wings.

I have been adding to the feeder array to attract more birds – I was thinking different types of birds but the early morning visitors are the finches.  The woodpecker was on the feeder very early this morning and the jays come and go.  When the finches come it’s a crowd.  They all tussle for a spot on any one of the four feeders that are out there now.

131228 Finches (5)Photographing them like this allows me to watch their interactions frozen in time.  It’s as close as I can get to examining them without looking at a dead bird.  It also is great seeing them stopped in flight.

Of course we now have a new visitor.  He’s just scavenging around the base of the feeders so far.  I’ll throw him some seed on the stump today and hope that’s where he continues to eat.

131228 Red Squirrel

One thought on “A Finch Obsession

  1. I love my finch feeders in the winter time! Its not a problem whatsoever! They are great! Loved your post! And you had some wonderful shots of the finches! Great great work! Thanks much for sharing!

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