Little Treasures of Christmas

Bristle ElephantThe tree is up in the living room awaiting decoration.  I have to drag them out of the closet this weekend.  I love taking them out because it feels like I’m visiting old friends.

I have a collection of bristle animal ornaments that vary in size and shape that I’ve collected over the years.  The vintage balls, a couple of handmade ornaments and the animals go on the tree along with glass icicles that were made by my brother-in-law.  I know when the tree comes down I’ll drag my feet in packing these animals away.  I’ll set them up on the window sills in little herds of like species thinking they’d like to spend a little time together before going back into their storage box.  The farm animals in one group, the forest creatures in another, the giraffes and elephants along with the zebras.  We have our own little petting zoo.

Once January is over they will go back into the closet to wait for next year when I will take them out once again and smile at them in the light of day.


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