Let the Christmas Season Begin

131208 Tree (1)Every year we trek out to the power lines with a group of friends to pick out our Christmas tree.

131208 Tree (2)Russell loves loading everyone onto his hay trailer and towing them out through the field to where the trees are.  I opted out of the ride this year because in years past it has really scared me at moments.  It’s not as if the bales we are sitting on are attached to anything.  It looks like a tame ride in the photographs but once you are on the high tension lines it’s anything but.

131208 Tree (3)Bill cut down the first tree he saw that fit the “small” tree requirement. It was also right on the top of the hill so there wouldn’t be any dragging up the steep, icy road.

131208 Tree (4)Everyone fanned out beyond where we left the tractor and trailer.  It’s some fairly rough terrain and the tractor was turned around and parked quite a ways back.

131208 Tree (5)The kids were quick to pick their trees and trek back to the trailer.  They were all with their babies and the wind had a bit of a bite to it.  It’s nice to see them start the same traditions they have had most of their lives.

131208 Tree (6)Finally the people looking for the perfect tree managed to find and cut just that.  We harvest our trees on this stretch of the power line every year.  The lines are on Russell’s property and if we don’t cut the trees down when they are smaller the power company will cut them down when they get bigger.  The trees grow unfettered all along the road and they are as beautiful as any tree you would buy anywhere.  I think more so because they just grew, no help from anyone.

131208 Tree (7)Everyone makes the walk back while Russell drives the load of trees to the barn. The walk is one of my favorites, this is such a beautiful spot.

131208 Tree (8)This year the difficulty came in figuring out who cut down what tree.  Ours was easy, it was the smallest one. Everyone then goes inside to share a meal and hot chocolate and lots of desserts. I always bring an apple pie warm from the oven and really who needs any other food when you can have warm apple pie?









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