To the man who hit my car last night

Makes you feel a little better about humanity.

The Matt Walsh Blog

I don’t know you. All I know is what I learned from our altercation last night. And, based only on that, I’m betting you probably think you can get away with doing what you did without anyone calling attention to it.

But I’ve got this little blog here, and I can use it to seek justice.

And justice, in this case, means saying thank you.

You didn’t rescue me from a burning building. You didn’t pull me out of the way of a speeding train. You didn’t save my life or anything, but you did something right and honest. You did something decent. I give enough space — too much space — on this site to people who do things that are wrong, dishonest and indecent; the least I can do is dedicate a few paragraphs to the other end of the spectrum.

Let me give you some background: my…

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