Too Cold Too Early

131124 Brrrrr


This past weekend was one of the coldest November weekends I can remember.  Having snow is not surprising but having temperatures below 20 degrees with the windchill making it below zero is quite another.

We went out to eat on Saturday night and returned in what I thought was a squall but Rowe was covered in a good few inches of snow by Sunday morning.  I woke up to the sound of the plow going up the road.

We were toasty in the house with the wood stove blazing away but there were things that needed to be done outside before the day was over.  I kept putting them off looking out the window at the snow swirling around the field and the trees being whipped about by the wind.  I kept hoping it would die down and warm just a bit.  Didn’t happen.

I went out and removed the pumpkins that were decorating the grounds (and now looking a little like a Salvador Dali painting melting over the edges of steps).  They were all frozen solid to whatever they’d been placed on, the pots of Kale as well.  With a little kick they were released from their perches and flung over banks or thrown into mulch piles.  A couple I tossed near one of the perennial gardens.  This was done in an effort to see if anything will grow in the spring.  I also picked up most of my solar lamps decorating some of the gardens.

I finished up what needed to be done in about 20 minutes but I’m telling you it felt like it was taking forever out in that wind.  When I got back into the house it took a while to thaw.

You know it’s too cold to go out when Chester looks at you as you bundle up and appears to say “No thanks” and returns to his daylong nap in front of a fire.

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