Two Dog Night

131114 MoonriseThe days that I go up to Rowe during the week are dwindling.  I went up yesterday to work on a couple of projects and this is what it looked like when I arrived.  The sky was beautiful but I really wasn’t expecting snow on the ground.  It was cold – 26 degrees when I got there.

This is when going up there is not as much fun as other times of the year.  The house is cold and takes forever to warm up.  It’s dark early as well.  I arrived at 4:30 yesterday and felt like it was about 7:00.

I started coming up to Rowe during the week when we got Chester.  He needed to really run around mid week and this was the way to go.  I can play with him for a while or he runs over to see his girlfriend.  During the milder seasons I take him for a swim at the lake.  With the days longer I can garden or can something, hike around the property or visit with my sister.  It doesn’t matter what’s for supper because it’s just me.

We don’t have heat on the second floor of the house but all of the beds have electric blankets.  This is fine when you get in but it’s pretty brutal when you get up in the morning. When I go up by myself the dogs sleep on the bed (that never happens when Bill is there).  This morning approaching 5:30 or so I woke up to realize I was right on the edge of the bed because Chester kept moving over to snuggle up to me.  He doesn’t usually do this, he just curls up on a corner of the bed and stays there.  He must have been cold.

For many years I’d hear the expression “It’s going to be a three dog night” and always thought people would invite all those dogs onto the bed to keep them warm but I realized last night my dogs were having a one person night in order to keep themselves warm.


3 thoughts on “Two Dog Night

  1. I love your last line about a one person night. Here in Canada it still is not as cold as you have, only zero or your 32 and that is at night and it warms up during the day. We had snow but it is ratty looking and not pretty anymore. The clouds were interesting this morning, but I did not get out fast enough to take advantage so have some shots of plain old clouds in the morning light, not even pink. Tricia

    Tricia Rasku

  2. I don’t have a dog, but my cats curl up with me, and I can tell that we have the heat at a more conservative setting lately. I don’t have electric blankets, but my flannel top sheet sure feels nice as of late. I enjoy your posts and knowing that there are others who live that dual lifestyle that was ours for two years.

  3. This made me laugh. I always leave a window open all winter in my bedroom. Love the fresh air and snuggling under the down comforter. As the nights get colder, I find I am wedged between three cats and one dog. You are right, the saying should be a “one human night.”

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