Living Life as a Creative Person


My world consists of creative and non-creative people.  Call it what you will – left brain/right brain, grounded/ethereal – it’s what I am surrounded by.

My everyday life is run through with a thread of creativity.  I’m always, always, observing things of beauty or considering and making something beautiful.  It’s a life of aesthetics.  The act of doing something with my hands that creates something of beauty is what keeps me centered.

I can only speak for myself but crafting/creating is what keeps me alive and sane.  I live with a most analytical man.  He’s the problem solver, he analyzes the information at hand and makes decisions on the facts as they are laid out before him.  Me, I’m a wing it kind of person – I’m much more subjective.  For some reason this relationship has worked for years and years.  We balance each other out.

This may seem a bizarre analogy but hear me out.  When reading the Harry Potter series I was struck by the comparison of the wizard and muggle worlds.  They all lived in the same world but the wizards really have a much more whimsical, creative spirit – they are much more subjective.  I saw the muggles as much more analytical.  Neither faction was any less intelligent, they each just looked at their world in a different way (broadly different but that’s the beauty of the story).

After reading and rereading this story I was struck with the similarities to my life (no I don’t cast spells).  One of my daughters and I are always saying that something must have happened to our Hogwarts letters because we were really supposed to go, we know in our hearts that we are wizards.  Other members of our extended family are definitely muggles, they would not even consider that they could have been a wizard, it wouldn’t enter their mind – it’s not reasonable or logical.  It’s not who they are.

Maybe all of us who are creative, subjective people really are wizards.  We just live in a world of muggles who look upon us at times with amazement.  To them it all looks like magic.

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