131008 Sunset in Brimfield

After spending some time in Boston on Tuesday dealing with family health issues I returned home by way of Brimfield.  I wanted to get my weaving done in a timely manner but have to say my mind wasn’t all there when I arrived.  Usually weaving is a calming meditative experience for me and I can only surmise that what had transpired inside of my little world over the past week conspired to keep my mind preoccupied with other matters.

As evening progressed into night I was madly trying to get my little project finish when Pam said, “Come see this sunset.”  I got up and looked out at the view from the upper deck and went right back in to get my phone (the camera of the day).  I took a few shots, playing with the settings and pretending I could make a photograph with a phone as good as one with an SLR.  Satisfied with what I could get I went back in and wove some more.

It wasn’t until later that I realized what calmed me more than anything was the simple act of taking those photographs.  That was the true meditative moment.  I had to breathe, hold still, absorb and observe what was going on around me.  As usual it was the healing power of the natural world that helped me settle.  Taking a photograph makes me focus, zone right in on what is before my eyes at that moment.   It’s a narrow view yet somehow bigger that anything in the periphery.  Here I thought that the weaving was what would bring me down to a tolerable level of stress when in reality it was those few moments of focus on nature, breathing it in and standing still.

3 thoughts on “Breathe

  1. It’s a challenge to remember this, Joanne. Whatever works, do it. The focus is as much inward as outward in those rare moments of grace. You’ve expressed the process well in your writing (above).

    Remember to remember. -PT-

  2. Nature is always there to heal. I guess that is why the poet wrote about how grass grows over battlefields and covers all the scars. Now to remember which poem and who wrote it. I will be digging. Lovely picture. I am praying that things get better.

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