Weaving Wednesday 16 – Round Robin 2

131001 Undulating TwillThe towel I wove this week is an undulating twill in 8/2 unmercerized cotton.   This is done on a four shaft loom and weaves up pretty fast.

Another new experience for me was using tie-ups for the harnesses.  I never have – I have a four harness loom with four peddles.  I use both feet pretty much all of the time I’m weaving.  I must confess that as I wove last night I felt like I was cheating somehow.  It was so much easier.  Hmmmm, makes me think about modifications to my loom.  Actually, it makes me think I want yet another loom, smaller, 8 shafts, more possibilities.

This is a disease, truly.


One thought on “Weaving Wednesday 16 – Round Robin 2

  1. No…….tie ups aren’t cheating! If you have a loom with 8 harnesses or more you won’t have enough feet. ;-D And yes, you should buy an 8 harness loom! The pattern possibilities will seem endless. You can probably find something for a great price on Craigslist or a loom to buy site and I bet there are a lot of those in your area. I sold a Schacht Spindle 8 harness 40″ loom for $700. That’s a great deal cheaper than a new one….

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