In Between Seasons

130912 Morning Storm Clouds (1)The past two days have been hot and humid, the cicadas buzzing away.  I brought the dogs out at 6:30 this morning and this is what the sky looked like.  Something you normally see as the clouds build on a humid summer afternoon as the thunderstorms roll in.  It feels like July.

130912 Morning Storm Clouds ()

This kind of weather does something to my brain – I can’t quite comprehend the garden being done (yes, other than digging potatoes and rutabagas it’s done). My mind has moved onto Fall jobs.  Bringing in and stacking wood, that’s what I should be doing but not it this heat.

Then I look out over my newest garden, still ablaze with color,  everything taking on the ochre colors of autumn and my mind knows that winter is coming.

130912 Colors of Fall


5 thoughts on “In Between Seasons

  1. Beautiful fall flowers. It is hard to imagine them in the spring when we plant, but so worth the effort at this time of year. Last night as I was arranging canned jars on the shelf, I found a tomato one marked Oct. 4, 2012. My garden was much later last year than this, I don’t think I will still be canning at that time. I guess each year is so different. Probably what makes us keep at it, the variety, and the not knowing ahead of time.

    • That is so true. I read all the time advice given to people to plant a garden or be sure you have seeds. In New England you can plant a garden 10 years in a row and each one will be completely different. People shouldn’t think that just because they have seeds they won’t starve.

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