Faded Glory

Football Players 1


The attic at Fort Pelham Farm is a repository of family history.  I hesitate to say treasures because those are truly in the eyes of the beholder.  There are layers of items by generation.  Nothing makes sense other than in one corner it’s the Monroe stuff, another corner belongs to the Alix side, you get the picture.  The attic space is expansive so there is quite the trove.  I sometimes feel like I’m on an archeological dig when I’m up there but I always seem to find something of interest. Many times I don’t know how interesting it is until much, much later.

The faded photograph at the top of this post is an example of just that.  The scan actually gave me more to see than is actually on the original – I love modern technology.  I played with it (a lot) in photoshop and ended up with this image.  It’s amazing what you can do with a little patience (and no fear).


YMCA Sepia


Now this photograph came from the Martin/Monroe corner of the attic so I had an idea of who some of the players might be in the photograph.  Much to my surprise it turns out that the four Martin brothers are in it (this is my mother’s father’s line).  They are on the far right in the first and second rows.  I have many other photographs of them and was able to identify them by comparison.  I love this photograph – the roll of the canvas background that is by their feet, the funky “grass” or fur that is under them.  I love the fact that they are the ones with the dogs.  I love how it shows how important the YMCA was to the family as well as team sports.  The shin guards and padded clothing speaks to the roughness of the sport yet shows nothing of the caution that we see today.  The team manager (I can only assume) is decked out in his finest to have his portrait taken with his team.

This photograph was taken around 1905.  Their adult lives just beginning.

I haven’t looked at this photograph in a few years.  In doing so now I think I might have to go back up to the attic and see what else I can unearth.

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