Weaving Wednesday 12

130714 (1)

Half the yarn on the warping board.

Although it’s been very hot and humid I decided that I had to get another project on the loom – I needed the meditation. This will be a color study in Harrisville Shetland wool. There are 18 stripes of 18 colors.  Each color intersects every other color, answering that question of how the colors work together.  It’s also the first time I’ve done a multi colored warp.

My weaving instructor kept telling me to do this with the materials that I have but since I really didn’t have any I got this little kit from the Yarn Barn of Kansas.  I love, love, love the Harrisville wool so I figured this was the safest way to go.

130714 (2)Warp on the lease sticks.

I wound 24 ends of each color then proceeded to the loom.  I love how bright these colors are but with the heathered overtones that Harrisville is known for.  This was very easy to thread into a standard twill -1,2,3,4 over and over with all of the numbers coming out even (my OCD loves this kind of project).

130714 (3)Heddles threaded.

I love the way this looks as it progresses. A friend recently asked me how I could work with wool in this heat but you really don’t handle the fiber a lot while you are doing this – well, you do but it’s not like wrapping yourself in a wool blanket.  Once the loom is warped and you start weaving you aren’t really handling the fiber that much.  I also have a fan blowing on me from the back of the loom, that helps.  I truly think weaving is much more of a summer craft than knitting or rug hooking because you don’t have to hold anything in your lap.

Next up slaying the reed.  I should be able to do that tomorrow night and start weaving.

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