A River Runs Through It

130711 Enfield yard


 I think New Englanders are conditioned at birth to complain about the weather.  If it’s not too cold it’s too hot, too dry, too wet, too windy, you get the idea.  I’m here today to complain about the weather (probably not for the first time).  We have been stuck in an unusual weather pattern for weeks now.  Rain, rain, rain, humidity, rain, thunderstorms, rain, rain, you get the idea.  I’ve looked at my weather apps more in the past month than I ever have, not that I can do anything about it.  I asked a very good friend who’s a weather forecaster (albeit in Arizona) what he thought about the weird weather we were having in this area – he told me the weather was “slightly anomalous”.  Maybe you have to be living in day after day of rain to think it is weird, it does something to your brain after a while.

The photograph above I took this morning while taking the dogs out.  It looks so verdant, everywhere. My gardens are jungles now.  It was raining when I walked outdoors, just a slight sprinkle.  I couldn’t tell because the windows on our house are so fogged from the air conditioning running that you can’t see anything out of them at this point.  The trees are all drooping from the weight of the water on their leaves.  Although the grass looks great (and much greener than it usually does this time of year) it is hiding the river that is running through the center of our back yard.  This river is over 3 feet wide and separates the garden from the tree in the foreground.  

When you exit the back door of the house (which is now so swollen that it will not shut properly) you are hit with the heat and humidity – the air is thick.  Last night when I went out with the dogs I was wearing sandals – I wasn’t aware of the river in the back yard until I stepped into it.  The thing that amazed me the most is the fact that it was warm – like bath water.

The days of summer march on while I sit and wait for those glorious sunny ones with a slight breeze and low humidity, my favorite kind of summer day.  I then realize if the sun comes out it will feel like we are living in a tropical rain forest as the water begins to evaporate from the ground.  Yup, only to give us another rainstorm at the end of the day – a vicious cycle.

Whine, whine, whine – but I’m kind of wishing it was snow.

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