Little Nest

130707 Wren's Nest

I plucked this nest out of the branch of the pear tree in the back forty over the weekend.  I’ve been watching it for over a month – there hasn’t been any action.

It was difficult to see nestled into the leaves at the very end of a long, low branch.  My sister and I laughed about the wild ride that bird had to have taken on a windy day.

The nest is quite small, the cup itself no more than three inches.  It is lined with dog fur and sheep’s wool, a testament to the animals in the area.  It amazes me the way it is constructed – almost totally of various grasses from large on the outside to fine in the cavity itself.  It is so perfectly round.

I have quite a collection of bird’s nests.  Some, like a robin’s nest are heavy and substantial.  This one is light as air.  It was tucked right into the small branches that hold the leaves on the pear – it wasn’t going anywhere.  This is the kind of nest you find in the fall, blowing around in the field, let loose my the dropping of a tree’s leaves that once held it tight and close.

I’m unsure of the type of bird that made this nest.  I thought it might belong to a wren but after doing a little research I’m not so sure.  There are so many different birds out back it could be anything.  I like to think of these nests as little gifts they leave behind.


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