Maltese Cross Finished

130609 Throw (2)

I finished the Maltese Cross overshot throw this past weekend.  I don’t know when I’ve felt more proud of a project.  So many different steps go into something like this, it’s the perfect foil for someone who bores easily.

After taking it off of the loom I took out the sewing machine and sewed the edges along the weft before the start of the fringe.  I then put it into a sink full of cold water and shampoo (just a touch).  I had a minor freak out when the water turn red with fugitive dye.  Eeeeekkk!  I rinsed and rinsed.  Whew.  Then I added a little conditioner and rinsed again.

After air drying overnight I cut the tabs off of each end to release the fringe and twisted and knotted it with a total of 8 strands in each ply.  What a nice finish that is.

It is so soft, so beautiful, I can’t stop looking at it – and touching it.

Now I’m planning the next one.  It has given more urgency to finish weaving the cotton towels now on the loom.  I just need more hours in the day!

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