The Ruby Rocket

Ruby RocketI was at The Blue Rock restaurant last night.  I went on a mission really because even though it is one of my favorite restaurants I had heard a rumor that the Ruby Rocket cocktail was to die for.  Strawberry Rhubarb pie filling in a glass.  I’m in, all in.

This cocktail was soooooo good I had to know how to make it and our waiter was also the cocktail master. Best happy accident EVER!  Although truth be told I would have hunted down the brains behind this cocktail before I left the restaurant (maybe because I’d had two who knows).

This cocktail is made with a rhubarb infused vodka, strawberry simple syrup and lime.  Today I’m on a mission to make the infused vodka.  When the strawberries are ready the simple syrup will be made and Fourth of July week will be nothing but these delightful martinis all around.

This is slow food at its best in my opinion.  I will update as the process goes along.


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